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Physical Industrial Network Security from Panduit & Agilix Solutions

Today’s plant floor is a picture of connectivity. A growing number of industrial operations are being linked to corporate networks and connectivity is being pushed out to edge devices throughout your facility. All of that connectivity allows faster and more reliable production capabilities, quicker access to valuable data, and more smart automation than ever before. But it also leads to vulnerability for your industrial network.

Here are some alarming statistics regarding industrial network security today. It’s estimated that 54% of companies have experienced an industrial control system security incident. In 2017, there were over 130 large-scale, targeted breaches in the U.S., and that number is growing by 27% each year. In 2023 alone, cyber criminals will steal an estimated 33 billion records. You can’t afford to ignore industrial network security in your operation today.

Panduit logoOur partner Panduit is on the cutting edge of physical network security in the manufacturing space. They offer a variety of solutions to manage and strengthen your network security in the physical layer. They work to help manufacturers establish robust physical network infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access and or accidental breaches. In this blog, we’ll explore some of Panduit’s specific solutions designed to improve industrial network security for our customers.

Micro Data Centers Deploy and Protect in One Simple Step

Micro data center for physical industrial network securityMicro Data Centers (MDCs) from Panduit allow you to quickly and reliably deploy rack-mount equipment while protecting the critical, physical media that your industrial plant floor network is built from. It’s an industrial pre-configured solution that provides more reliable connectivity from the shop floor to the top floor.

Panduit’s MDCs are offered in a dynamic rated option and a NEMA 12 rated option, which protects against dust, dirt, dripping non-corrosive liquids, oil, and lubricants. They meet industrial telecommunications and architectural standards and function as a central consolidation and linking point for your critical networks, servers, and switches. This allows them to enable both process and discrete automation activities.

The pre-configured MDCs include copper/fiber connectivity, cable management, and grounding. Their dynamic cabinets are built to ensure safe transport of IT equipment under typical shipping conditions. Panduit MDCs are designed to simplify and speed deployment and enable easy, repeatable integrations. They provide flexibility with 24 and 42 RU options.

Industrial Network Zone Systems Result in 75% Faster Implementation

Industrial network zone system from PanduitThe Panduit Network Zone System is designed to rapidly deploy an Ethernet/IP*** network between the plant floor and the enterprise. It boasts switches, connectivity, and power features that minimize engineering and installation time resulting in up to 75% faster implementation.

Panduit also offers a Universal Network Zone System that brings the usability of IT switches to industrial switches on the plant floor. This ensures that management and control of the network doesn’t interfere with making effective and efficient use of available network data.

Physical Port Security from Panduit

jack blockout for physical industrial network securityPanduit also provides a variety of devices that provide physical port security. Their entire line of innovative copper products supports all of today’s most common IP applications including PoE and Wireless technologies.

Some of these items, like keyed plugs and faceplates, can be included in the initial design. They also offer jack blockouts and lock-in devices for Ethernet and USB port solutions that can be installed any time. Panduit port security solutions provide exceptional value, guaranteed future reliability, and a secure foundation for your network’s growth.

Physical Industrial Network Security Starts Here

As a Panduit distribution partner, your local Agilix Solutions team is your connection to their entire line of physical industrial network security products. Our team of product experts is on hand to listen to your specific needs and develop solutions tailored to meet them. Reach out to your account manager or call one of our 13 branch locations to take the first step today.