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Protect Your Facility’s Power with Power Conditioners by SolaHD™

Any facility can experience power quality issues, and when they strike, the result can be loss of equipment, downtime, data corruption and production interruptions. The effects are oftentimes quite costly and may require a great deal of time to rectify. While these situations are inevitable, there is a way to protect your facility and reduce the negative impacts you’ll face.

SolaHD™ power conditioners can resolve the majority of power quality issues that can create costly headaches in your facility. They are available in both single phase and three phase versions and address common power quality issues including impulses, swells, sags, brownouts and waveform distortion.

SolaHD Single Phase Power Conditioners available at French Gerleman

Single Phase Power Conditioners

Single phase units are available up through 15 KVA and can regulate output voltage to within plus or minus 1% to 3% depending on the unit selected. They can be used in place of control transformers in control panels with the added benefit of power conditioning.  Available models include:

  • SolaHD™ CVS Hardwired Series Constant Voltage Transformers – superior voltage regulation of +/- 1 percent makes this unit ideal for applications where even a small change in voltage can result in unscheduled downtime, equipment malfunction, or corruption of data.
  • SolaHD™ MCR Hardwired Series Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation – with excellent noise filtering and surge protection, the MCR model can significantly increase the MTFB of protected equipment.
  • SolaHD™ MCR Portable Series Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation – all the protection of the hardwired unit, in a portable package makes this model the perfect choice where use of an existing outlet is preferred over hardwiring.

SolaHD Three Phase Power Conditioners available at French GerlemanThree Phase Power Conditioners

Three phase units are available up through 200KVA and now offer increased power monitoring options. A portable unit available in sizes through 3KVA offers increased flexibility in power conditioning solutions:

  • SolaHD™ SOLATRON Plus Series Three Phase Power Conditioners – ideal for equipment subject to chronic under or over voltage situations, this unit switches transients, lightning and induced surges using a carefully designed surge suppression circuit.

Please contact your Agilix Solutions Account Manager, or connect with us online for additional information regarding how power conditioners from SolaHD™ can keep your facility running smoothly!