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Protect Your Equipment & Employees with Universal Free-Stand Enclosures from nVent HOFFMAN

With more than 75 years of industrial enclosure expertise, nVent HOFFMAN has paved the way as a leading manufacturer of systems designed to safely and reliably protect electronic controls and mission-critical electrical systems. And they’ve done it again with the new Universal Free-Stand enclosure product line.

Hoffman universal free stand enclosures help you get to your next job faster.

nVent HOFFMAN Universal Free-Stand Enclosure Benefits

nVent HOFFMAN’s Universal Free-Stand solutions join the company’s existing lineup of enclosures, which includes the Unibody Free-Stand and IEC Free-Stand product lines. Universal Free-Stand enclosures reduce overall project lead time, while improving safety and reliability during end-use applications. They are robust, bayable, and versatile, featuring multiple type ratings with accessories focused on safety and component mounting density.

Let’s explore the three big advantages the new Universal Free-Stand enclosure systems bring to users:

Fast Delivery and Design

nVent HOFFMAN’s Universal Free-Stand solutions can help your team reduce design time from days and weeks to hours and days. Six base Universal Type Rated part numbers provide for custom solutions from in-stock inventory.

Reduces Installation and Labor Time

Anything you can do to make your team’s job simpler and less time-consuming is a win. The nVent HOFFMAN Universal Free-Stand solutions deliver, by reducing panel installation time up to 30%. And thanks to a robust Unibody design, understanding and implementing installation is quick and painless. With easy-to-install accessory choices, even space design and modification are made simpler and faster.

Improved Safety

With nVent HOFFMAN’s Universal Free Stand product portfolio, you’re able to easily add voltage separation between bays. They feature best-in-class interlock, keeping high voltage bays shut. For added safety, nVent HOFFMAN’s Sequestr external disconnect can be added as well.

Features That Will Get Your Attention

nVent HOFFMAN put a great deal of work into the design and delivery of the Universal Free-Stand products. It shows in the features the units boast:

  • Side panel that allows for additional component mounting space while maintaining type rating
  • End plate enabling easy expansion and design flexibility
  • Interlock system with a removable center post and improved interlock
  • Jack screws for easy center post installation
  • Barrier plate to separate voltages for improved safety
  • False floor to provide clean aesthetics and protect cable runs

Agilix Solutions is your local Hoffman Meridian Partner, which means we are the go-to resource for in-stock products, services, custom products, and certified support that others can’t provide. Our designation as a Hoffman Certified Modification Center means we’re able to rapidly make modifications to your Universal Free-Stand enclosure solutions to your specific specifications.

We offer a complete of nVent HOFFMAN products, including our HOFFMAN on Demand products. When you’re ready to discuss putting these versatile new enclosures to work for your facility, we’re just a call or click away. Reach out to your Agilix Solutions Account Manager or contact us for prompt service.