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Quick Fuse Identification with the Mersen Product Recognition App

When you’re on a jobsite, being able to access the information you need quickly and easily can keep a project running smoothly. With all the technology we have readily on hand, it’s becoming increasingly simple to do, and Agilix Solutions is on the forefront of helping you leverage mobile apps to streamline your jobsite operations.

One helpful tool is the Mersen Product Recognition App, which allows you to quickly identify fuses, locate sales reps, and lookup motors and transformers. This app was the first fuse identification app in the industry, and Mersen has continued to improve it since its release to keep it on the leading edge.

Identify Fuses Using Photo Recognition

With the Mersen Product Recognition app, it’s simple to use your smartphone’s camera to quickly identify what fuse you have and find a match. The app not only identifies Mersen fuses, but also comparable products from other companies.

More than Fuse Identification

Fuses aren’t the only thing that the Product Recognition App handles either. Users also are able to enter voltage, horsepower, or KVA rating details to find the NEC-rated protection they need for their motors and transformers.

The Product Recognition App can also connect you with a local Sales Representative based on your GPS location so that replacing the product you need is quick and simple.

Simplicity Moving Forward

“More and more electrical professionals use their smartphone or tablet devices in their day-to-day work activities. It just made sense to harness the latest in digital technology and develop a tool like this for them,” says Kent Walker, Mersen’s VP Solutions Engineering & Technical Services.

The app is free and is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this app on your jobsites, contact us or your Agilix Solutions account manager to get started.