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Maximize Your Technology Investment with a Rockwell Automation Integrated Service Agreement

As a Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider, Agilix Solutions is the go-to resource for connecting clients with products and support from one of the world-renowned leaders in automation. If your organization is invested in Rockwell Automation technology and doesn’t have an Integrated Service Agreement (ISA), you could be leaving valuable time and money on the table. Rockwell Automation’s ISA offering delivers the peace of mind that comes with predictable support and maintenance to you and your facility.

Integrated Service Agreement (ISA). Man and woman brainstorm on the plant floor of the manufacturing plant.

What is an Integrated Service Agreement?

ISA is a suite of core support services including Remote Technical Support, Field Services, and Repair Services.  These enable Agilix Solutions customers to maximize the value of your Rockwell Automation investments across your facility. The ISA is a three-tiered model featuring different levels of support, tailored to the varying needs of customers:

  • Essential: a flexible, entry-level offering focused on support and repair with the option of labor
  • Enhanced: Coverage of all support services for better protection
  • Premier: Complete coverage and protection to optimize your investments with priority service and proactive engagements

Think of a Rockwell Automation ISA as your “easy button.” You have a single number to call to initiate any of the services available at your chosen level.

Maximize Asset Reliability & Uptime

With an ISA from Rockwell Automation, your organization will have a better understanding and more reliable control of your installed base assets. ISAs give customers quick and easy access to support and higher availability of crucial parts when needed. On average, customers with an ISA also enjoy a shortened average time to repair, minimizing costly and unproductive downtime.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with an Integrated Service Agreement

The capital invested in an Integrated Service Agreement ultimately leads to a lower TCO for your Rockwell Automation investments. With shared visibility of contract usage and data, you can make better decisions to improve the lifecycle of your equipment. You also receive priority repair service and access to repair inventory. And when you need engineering support, your ISA is your ticket to the world-class engineering experts at Rockwell Automation.

Maintenance budgets are historically hard to predict. An ISA gives you a predictable and reliable maintenance budget throughout the contract period. This removes the “if” and “when” from the budget planning process. It also eliminates the need to issue separate purchase orders every time you require service, which saves time and money.

Optimize Your Installed Base Investment

With Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Service Agreements, customers gain access to interactive tools to manage the installed base and enable more productive collaboration. At the Premier Level, you’ll receive critical scheduled maintenance, without having to remember or ask for it. Access to digital performance insights allows for better decision making. There are options available to help you manage repairs and inventory quickly and effectively.

Supplement Your Technical Workforce

As technology has improved our capacity to get work done, it’s also made the work we do more complex. Sometimes the expertise you need to solve for a particular issue isn’t available in house. Rockwell Automation’s ISA programs provide access to skilled engineers and product specialists who know the equipment you depend on inside and out. You can also utilize an entire suite of virtual support tools, learning resources, and modern training modules to upskill your workforce.

Rockwell Automation created Integrated Service Agreements to simplify support and maintenance for customers with a single solution that provides quick access to experts, priority service, global scalability, and analytics-driven insights and support. To learn more about protecting your Rockwell Automation investments with an Integrated Service Agreement, reach out to your account manager or contact Agilix Solutions today.

Agilix Solutions is only authorized to distribute Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software and Rockwell Automation products in select geographic areas. Contact us for more information.