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Maximize the Value of Your Rockwell Automation Support Agreement with the New Agilix Customer Success Team

Industrial decision makers today are under constant pressure to drive productivity and minimize downtime. Whether you need technical support, on-site engineering help, or worker training, Agilix Solutions offers Rockwell Automation service agreements to support you. These data-driven, outcome-based industrial maintenance services are designed to provide the specific support you need to maximize productivity, minimize operational risk, and meet your business goals. These service agreements exist to make it easier for you to do business with Rockwell Automation and provide you with a best-in-class experience that ensures access to the services required when you need them.

Agilix Solutions Customer Success Team

Usually, customers sign a Rockwell Automation service agreement through Agilix Solutions with a handful of known and defined needs in mind.  But there can be more included benefits they’re unaware of. They simply often don’t realize the full breadth and depth of what’s available to them as part of their service agreement. Agilix Solutions’ new Customer Success Team is setting out to change all of that.

The new Agilix Solutions Customer Success Team is a group of individuals dedicated to helping you extract the most value from your investment in a Rockwell Automation Support Agreement. This group’s sole focus is ensuring you understand how the resources already available to you can be better leveraged to grow your business.

This team has only recently begun engaging with Agilix Solutions customers and advising them on the benefits available through their service agreement. As the conversations develop, our customers are availing themselves of what is available.

Industrial automation is becoming increasingly complex. Your Agilix Solutions Customer Success Team is your ally in connecting with experts to proactively meet your needs at any given time. It’s like having a concierge who understands the scope of your service agreement and can help you deploy the specific offerings tailored to the things you want to accomplish.

What Does an Engagement with the Customer Success Team Look Like?

We start by scheduling a kickoff call. In this discussion, we aim to confirm the key stakeholders in your organization as well as other individuals who can help us define and map to success. We work to understand the specific KPIs that are important to your operation, and create a dashboard to visualize your experience and show progress over time.

After our first quarter of engagement, we’ll get together to review usage and how well it aligns to your goals. We’ll conduct a readout of our findings and identify any Scheduled Maintenance Activity to occur mid-year.

We will continue to conduct quarterly Executive Business Review meetings to report on usage/goal alignment, revisit open items, and identify the next steps in your optimization journey. This cyclical process will ensure your service agreements are always delivering optimal value for your most pressing and impactful needs at any given time in the lifecycle of your equipment.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Agilix Solutions’ Customer Success Team is simple. It starts with a call or an e-mail to your Account Manager. They will connect you with a member of our Customer Success Team who will set up an initial consultation to answer your questions and determine how we can help you best leverage your existing investment in Rockwell Automation technology and services.