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Accidents occur, but a conscientious employer strives to prevent them. Agilix Solutions provides our customers with the knowledge and equipment to minimize preventable accidents and injuries on the job site. In this article, we’re featuring some of our favorite safety essentials designed to minimize risks and injury hazards in your workplace environment.

Agilix Solutions Offers Essential Safety Products to Reduce Workplace Injuries

Eye Protection

Agilix Solutions offers eye protection equipment to safeguard against a variety of potential workplace hazards. Let’s take a look at two of the many eye safety essentials we offer:

Polarized Safety Glasses from MCR Safety

The Swagger® SR2 black safety glasses account for the big three in protective equipment- safety, comfort, and style. They feature gray lenses, a TPR nose pad that fits comfortable, and TPR temples ends that improve comfort and fit. Decentered lenses allow for sharp, distortion-free vision and maximum clarity.

Safety Glasses & Googles from 3M

The 3M SolusTM Safety Glasses Kit, Premium Series 1000 features long-lasting ScotchgardTM anti-fog coating to increase performance in wet and steamy environments. They offer reliable, clear sight because the coating is bonded to the lens. Your team will enjoy 99.9% UV protection in these premium safety glasses that meet ANSI Z87.1-2015 and CSA z94.6 specifications.

Hearing Safety & Protection

High noise environments like industrial facilities and construction jobsites require serious ear protection. Check out two of our favorite ear protection safety essential options for noisy jobs.

318-1001 Ear Plugs from 3M

The 318-1001 push-ins offer a corded design and 28 dB noise reduction. They boast a push-to-fit shape and come in a universal size, featuring a yellow polyurethane plug and a blue vinyl cord. They’re disposable and designed to meet CSA Class AL and ANSI S3.19-1975 specifications.

6945 Ear Plugs from Moldex

Moldex® 6945 Glide Multi-Use earplugs offer 30 dB noise reduction from a round, universal, green, soft foam pod plug. They are reusable and meet S3.19-1974 specifications.

Hand & Arm Protection

Your hands and your arms need to be protected. Check out some of our favorite safety essential items from MCR Safety and Superior Glove, tailored for arm and hand safety.

Cut Resistant Gloves from MCR Safety & Superior Glove

MCR Safety’s Memphis 9178NF General Purpose Cut-Resistant Gloves feature a foam nitrile coating, KEVLARTM/synthetic fiber, and knit wrist cuffs to resist abrasion, cut, puncture, and tear. They offer A4 ANSI cut resistance, and Level 2 ANSI puncture resistance.

For even greater cut resistance, check our Superior Glove’s Emerald CX® S13CXSI silicone-coated cut protection glove. In addition to Level 2 ANSI puncture resistance, it offers an impressive A6 level ANSI cut resistance.

Cut- & Flame-Resistant Sleeves from Superior Glove

Superior Glove’s flame- and cut-resistant ContenderTM sleeves come in a dark green color and are offered in four different sizes, ensuring reliable protection for your entire team. They’re essential safety tools for any job site where flames and spark pose a hazard. They feature a tapered fit and an elasticized STAYz-UPTM armband to ensure comfort and prevent sliding.  The KevlarTM and composite filament fiber blend yarn delivers ANSI Level A4 cut protection, ANSI Level 2 abrasion resistance, ANSI Level 2 heat resistance, and ANSI Level 2 puncture resistance.

Fall Protection

Slips, trips, and falls account for 18% of nonfatal work injuries resulting in days away from work. 3M has staked a claim as a safety leader in jobsite fall protection. The company’s 3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection Nano-LokTM is a self-retracting single leg lifeline with a self-locking carabiner. It features a 6-foot length and 420 lb. load capacity, meeting ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.1, ANSI Z329.14, OSHA 1910.66, and OSHA 1926.502 specifications.

Industrial Hazard Protection Essentials

Industrial environments can pose a wide variety of risks. Learn more about three of our favorite products for improving the safety of your team’s work with potentially hazardous equipment.

Arc Flash Labels from Brady

Brady® Arc Flash Protection Labels are 5” B-302 polyester labels designed to clearly and quicky communicate arc flash hazards to your team.  They’re rectangular, laminated, and non-reflective to ensure high visibility when it’s needed most.

Agilix Solutions | Lockout Tagout Safety EssentialsLockout Stations & Kits from Brady

Brady offers a variety of kits and components for lockout stations to effectively protect your people from certain hazards within your facility.

VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Testers from Panduit

Don’t leave voltage testing up to chance with equipment not meant to do the job. Panduit’s VeriSafeTM systems protect your employees by integrating cutting-edge technology and robust security features to quickly and accurately verify the absence of voltage.

First Aid

Agilix Solutions is also your partner for frontline first aid equipment in your facility. From kits to pain relievers to individual components, we offer everything you need to provide first aid when needed. We also offer restocking services to ensure you always have the supplies you need.

Agilix Solutions is Your Safety Essentials Partner

Looking for a partner who takes the safety of your team as seriously as you do? Reach out to your Account Manager or a local Agilix Solutions branch to learn more about what safety essentials we can offer your team.