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Simplify Industrial Enclosure Cable Management with CABLEFIX® X by LUTZE

When it comes to industrial efficiency and performance, there are no little things. Your industrial network is only as strong as its weakest link, so every step you can take to protect and organize components along the way will pay dividends down the road in time savings and reduced downtime.

Agilix Solutions understands that streamlining projects is a priority to our customers, so we’re constantly working with our manufacturing partners to offer new products that help you achieve it. One of the latest is CABLEFIX® X from LUTZE.

Enclosure Cable Management Simplified

CABLEFIX® X is a cable entry system ideal for areas requiring high cable densities, superior ingress protection, and light strain relief. The panels can be snapped into enclosures with a 1.5mm wall thickness or bolt-mounted with provided hardware. Once mounted, desired length of the cables can easily be pushed through the seal on the front and pulling lightly back on the cable will engage the seal. All unused entry points are sealed by default.

CABLEFIX® X benefits include:

  • Up to 80% faster installation compared to individual cable glands
  • 50% reduction in space required for cable entry, freeing up space for other components or allowing for a smaller enclosure.
  • Sealed entry points that protect up to UL Type 4x, 12, 13 and IP65
  • Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Compatibility with all major electrical enclosure types

CABLEFIX X from LUTZE provides industrial enclosure cable management

Cable Management for Any Application

LUTZE has been a pioneer in cable entry systems for electrical cabinets since the 1990s. Their cable entry systems for industrial applications are compatible with all major electrical cabinet and enclosure types. CABLEFIX® X is part of a larger CABLEFIX® family of products that cover a full range of light to heavy duty applications, offering significant time and space savings compared to installing traditional cable glands.

Other CABLEFIX® products include:

  • CABLEFIX® is a light duty modular system allowing any combination of three available configurations for actuator-sensor cable applications.
  • CABLEFIX® One offers a modular entry system available as preconfigured kits. It features a multi-layered seal design that provides high strain relief and ingress protection, all while allowing for custom configurations with few part numbers.
  • CABLEFIX® Vario is a customizable modular entry system with a two-piece frame, which makes it ideal for a wide range of cable sizes including cables with large connectors.

Partner with Agilix Solutions to Save Time and Money

industrial enclosure cable management from Cablefix X by LUTZEAgilix Solutions offers a wide variety of products designed to help you address the needs of your industrial facility, including CABLEFIX® X. The landscape of products is always evolving, and we remain steadfast in our goal to bring you the latest and greatest solutions.

Learn more about CABLEFIX® cable entry solutions and other products designed to help you operate more efficiently by contacting your account manager or dropping by your nearest Agilix Solutions branch.