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Smart-UPS Ultra from APC Brings Longer Battery Life with a Reduced Footprint

Last year we introduced you to the Smart-UPSTM Lithium-Ion from APC, which promised the power and network protection you expect with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and three times the battery life from 500VA to 3000VA. These popular products have since gone on to set a standard as the world’s most popular uninterruptible power supply (UPS). And APC is raising the bar again.

APC Smart-UPS 5kW

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Smart-UPS Ultra line of products that offer everything you’ve come to appreciate about the Smart-UPS Lithium-Ion, at half the size and weight and three times the battery life of traditional UPS. APC’s Smart-UPS Ultra provides trusted, premium power protection to ensure network and data availability. These revolutionary devices were designed for local edge environments and micro data centers to offer consistent and reliable connectivity at the most critical moments. Their light weight and compact size make them perfect for installation on the wall or ceiling, providing unmatched flexibility. When you combine increased battery life and lower maintenance service costs, you’ll enjoy a lower total cost of ownership over 10 years.

Let’s take a closer look at what APC’s Smart-UPS Ultra products have to offer.

Big Power Protection in a Small Package

The Smart-UPS Ultra enables you to put power protection in places you never dreamed possible. At half the size and weight of comparable UPS solutions on the market, they can be mounted in racks or towers, along walls or ceilings, and even under desks. The Smart-UPS Ultra comes with mounting brackets that can be used to accommodate your choice of mount configurations. And an auto-rotating touch screen display makes it easy to switch between vertical and horizontal mounting.

The reduced size of the Smart-UPS Ultra also means it fits a wider variety of applications than a traditional UPS solution, including larger branch offices, financial institutions, grocery stores, light industrial facilities, and healthcare institutions like hospitals, labs, and remote clinics. You’ll enjoy up to 5000 Watts of power protection and extended runtime options of up to 10 external battery packs, allowing for extended run time for critical applications.

Smart-UPS Ultra is ideal for Education and Government applications, where operational budgets are limited. The primary benefit of lithium-ion is long battery life, removing battery replacement costs up to three times! Smart-UPS Ultra batteries last for up to 8-10 years, three times longer than lead acid (VRLA) batteries. That means that under normal operating conditions, the battery will last for the life of the product.

Managing more than one IT site? Smart-UPS Ultra’s EcoStruxureTM Ready remote monitoring and management options make owning a UPS easy. Whether you’re dealing with one UPS or an entire fleet, remote management means you can take care of a wide variety of tasks across a distributed IT network without leaving your desk. And that means fewer trips to far-away IT sites.

Smart-UPS Ultra 3kW & 5kW Options

APC Smart-UPS Ultra in Healthcare settingSmart-UPS Ultra comes in two available models, 3kW and 5kW, with additional models coming soon. Both options feature a high resolution auto-rotating LCD display and a highly visible LCD status indicator. Both are also EcoStruxure-ready via an embedded network port. The 3kW model also offers the option to connect to the Smart-UPS Portal or EcoStruxure portal via the SmartConnect Ethernet Port. Both units also offer extended runtime options, with the 3kW supporting up to five external battery packs and the 5kW supporting up to ten.

The 3kW option is 50% smaller and lighter while offering 2.5x more pawer than a traditional UPS in a 1U footprint. The Smart-UPS Ultra 5kW is the world’s smallest and lightest lithium-ion 5kW UPS and is 50% lighter and 30% smaller than comparable models on the market today.

APC & Agilix Solutions – Reliability You Can Count On

Don’t leave your sensitive, plugged-in equipment in jeopardy when power is interrupted or fluctuating outside of safe levels. APC’s Smart-UPS Ultra solutions deliver protection you can count on for critical power needs. Ready to take the next step? Try APC’s UPS Selector Tool. Then contact your Agilix Solutions Account Manager or reach out to your nearest branch location to discuss your unique application and get solutions tailored to you.