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Introducing the Southwire SIMpull® Demo Center at Agilix Solutions HQ

We’ve written about, and talked to many customers about, the revolutionary SIMpull® Solutions product line from Southwire. Now you have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with these difference-making products in the new Southwire SIMpull Demo Center at the Agilix Solutions headquarters in St. Louis.  In this article we will explore all the functionality and capabilities of the Demo Center and detail why you really need to see it for yourself.

Agilix Solutions is a premier Southwire distributor, and we’ve been helping customers use their products to increase safety, productivity, and profitability with their products for years. Now you can experience these game changing products firsthand with this immersive and interactive experience.

An Immersive In-Person Southwire Experience

The new Southwire SIMpull Demo Center offers you a glimpse into the real-life applications of our complete Southwire product inventory. Everything on display is offered through Agilix Solutions and can be deployed to your next jobsite.

At the Southwire SIMpull Demo Center, you’ll:

  • Image of the Agilix Solutions Southwire demo wallLearn how to use the Configurator PlusTM Web App to save time and money by reducing the number of reels needed, reducing material handling requirements, and reducing the number of setups.
  • See firsthand how these products create a safer work environment and address labor shortages.
  • Receive overviews of SIMpull Solutions Feeder and Circuit innovations detailing planning, execution, and tactical strategies.
  • Understand how Southwire meters, smart products, and temporary light and power products maximize efficiency and safety on the jobsite.
  • Experience the stacked advantages inherent in using the full suite of Southwire products together in your specific projects.

From strategy and planning to execution of your next wire or cable pull, you’ll walk away with a complete understanding of all the ways SIMpull solutions can lighten the load and help you do more with less manpower.

The Value of the Southwire SIMpull Demo Center

The new Southwire SIMpull Demo Center will enable Agilix Solutions and Southwire to partner to provide instructor-led classroom training and hands-on experience. Utilizing content from Southwire Solutions University, we can create an immersive training experience to help you and your team develop proficiency in the time- and money-saving capabilities of the SIMpull product line.

We developed this demo center to help electrical contractors, maintenance pros, OEMs, and other customers have an interactive experience with the Southwire SIMpull fleet of products. Each of the innovations featured are amazing by themselves. But their real value comes through when they’re used together. Using Southwire’s online tools and calculators, we’re able to clearly demonstrate how Southwire products can save you time and effort in the field, creating a more efficient jobsite and increasing profitability.

Southwire SIMpull productsYou’re Invited to Experience it for Yourself

For years, we’ve said you just have to experience the difference the Southwire SIMpull Solutions product line brings to the jobsite. The new Demo Center gives you a no-risk opportunity to do just that, and we’d like to invite you to see it for yourself.

The Demo Center is located at the Agilix Solutions headquarters, 2023 Westport Center Dr, St. Louis, MO. Contact your Account Manager to schedule your visit and see all the ways Agilix Solutions and Southwire are partnering to help you do more with less.