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Sta-Kon® Ferrule Kit & Tool Loan Options from ABB Help Organize and Minimize Inventory

ABB Sta Kon Ferrule and Installation tool kitThere’s something to be said for having the equipment you need and knowing where to find it. That’s the inspiration behind the Sta-Kon® Ferrule and Installation kit from Agilix Solutions manufacturing partner ABB Installation Products. This kit puts everything you need to wire a control panel, including 3,400 high-quality Sta-Kon insulated ferrules and the strip and crimp tools needed to install them, in one convenient and easily transportable case.

Why Use Sta-Kon Ferrules?

Sta-Kon ferrules are color-coded by size and built from thin-walled, tin-plated, high-conductivity copper tube, mechanically crimped onto the ends of stranded wires. They meet the emerging global standards requiring wire-to-metric style terminal block installations to be terminated with a pin-style terminal.

Sta-Kon ferrules serve as a preferred alternative to twisting wire strands or tinning wire ends before terminating into a terminal block. Utilizing Sta-Kon ferrules helps to prevent wire strands from fraying and breaking, which can lead to an unreliable connection. They’re incredibly easy to use- simply strip the wire, slide the ferrule into place, and crimp.

Stripping, Cutting, and Crimping Made Easy

ERG1-WS stripping tool from ABB
ERG1-WS stripping tool

In addition to the extensive inventory of ferrules, the Sta-Kon kit includes the tools you’ll need to complete the installation. The ERG1-WS stripping tool gives you both stripping and cutting power in a single tool. It is versatile enough to strip a wide range of insulations and can automatically strip wire to a preset length.

The ergonomic FER9500 ferrule crimping tool features convenient integrated range-taking dies. It can crimp any Sta-Kon ferrule within 0.14 to 10 mm2/26-8 AWG range, without changing dies. The FER9500 provides UL listed crimps on a wide range of Sta-Kon ferrules and its range-taking design eliminates the need to identify the proper die or nest, minimizing the risk of improper crimps. It’s proprietary full-cycle Shure Stake® crimp mechanism allows this handy tool to ensure a reliable grip when used as instructed.

Need a Tool for a Short-Term Installation Project?

Shure-Stake Ratchet Manual Crimp Tool

Agilix Solutions understands that sometimes your team is taking on a one-off, short-term project that requires a specific tool. It doesn’t make sense for you to purchase the tool, use it once, and have it live out the rest of its useful life on a shelf somewhere. That’s why we’ve partnered with ABB in all of our locations to offer loaner tools for our customers in these situations.

Tools available include:

      • 14-Ton Compression Tool with a Rotating Head
      • 6-Ton LI-Powered Hydraulic Compression Inline Open Die Crimp Tool
      • Sta-Kon® Battery-Powered Crimping Tool
      • Shure-Stake Ratchet Manual Crimp Tool
      • Rotating Manual Crimp Tool
      • Dieless Adjustable Manual Crimp Tool
      • Sta-Kon Manual Crimp Tool

We’ve made borrowing a tool simple and painless as well. Simply select the proper conductors and ABB lugs from our offering and determine the correct die and crimp tool you’ll need to complete the project. Reach out to your Agilix Solutions representative for a material quote, and we’ll work with you to get the tools you need for installation. You can either arrange to pick the tool up at your nearest Agilix Solutions branch location, or we can arrange delivery.

Agilix Solutions and ABB: Working Together for You

Agilix Solutions is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to work with our manufacturing partners to make life easier for customers. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the Sta-Kon Ferrule Kit, or you’d like more information on our loaner tool capabilities, contact your Account Manager or the nearest Agilix Solutions branch location to get the conversation started.