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Tackle the Winter Season with SNO-PLOW® Ice Melt

Winter has already descended on the region, with multiple days of snowfall possible over the next several months. Whether you love or loathe the cold temperatures and wintry precipitation, it’s something you need to manage. The great news is that Agilix Solutions now has a hard-working new addition to our product line-up that will help you through the season – SNO-PLOW® Ice Melt by Morgro.

As with all of our products, we at Agilix Solutions strive to offer products that are best-in-class to help you manage your facility effectively and efficiently. That’s why we’re so excited about SNO-PLOW ® Ice Melt, a product that stands apart from its competitors for many reasons.

sno-plow ice meltWhy Choose SNO-PLOW® Ice Melt?

  • LIQUI-FIRE™ Technology Speeds the Ice Melting Process … SNO-PLOW® is supercharged with LIQUI-FIRE™, a magnesium coated product which lowers the working temperature of the of the ice melt making it three times faster than products with baking soda additives. Plus, it’s less likely to absorb moisture and clump together like other products on the market.
  • No dangerous chemicals … In addition to being faster to clear the ice and snow, SNO-PLOW® is less toxic than baking soda, is 100% non-toxic to children, animals, trees and vegetation, is USDA approved, and you can handle it without protective gloves. It’s also safe on carpets and most flooring, just in case it gets tracked inside.
  • Anti-corrosive … A great concern with many ice and snow melt chemicals is the harm it can do to concrete and exposed metal. You don’t have to worry with SNO-PLOW®! Although it’s not recommended for use on concrete that’s cured for less than one year, it will not chemically harm concrete, and its anti-corrosive chemicals fight the corrosion of exposed metal. (Keep in mind that freeze/thaw cycles can cause surface damage to concrete.)
  • Visible color … SNO-PLOW® differs from many other ice melt products because of its color – green! Once you put it down on snow and ice, the product stands out, helping you prevent over-application. That means you’ll likely use less product over the course of the season, saving you time and money, and minimizing the amount that gets tracked inside.
  • Great price … You get all the advantages that SNO-PLOW® has to offer at a very competitive price! In fact, it’s one of the most economical products on the market when used according to instructions on the packaging, and Agilix Solutions is offering great prices to our customers.

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Order SNO-PLOW® Ice Melt Today

SNO-PLOW® is available in 50-pound bags, and special pricing is available for pallets and truckload purchases. It’s in stock and ready to ship to your facility, so order today before the next winter storm comes our way!

Click here to purchase online, or contact your Agilix Solutions Account Manager for more information.