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Terminal Block Marking Services from Agilix Solutions

Terminal block marking example from French GerlemanHow many terminal blocks does the average electrical control cabinet in your facility have?

If you’re like many of our customers, they likely number in the thousands. It’s important to be able to identify the electrical wiring circuit or the function of a specific terminal block quickly and clearly. Agilix Solutions provides terminal block marking services to customers to simplify installation and maintenance with consistent high-quality markings.

Still Marking Terminal Blocks by Hand?

If your facility’s terminal blocks are marked by hand, there are several issues you could encounter. It’s important that everybody with access to the control cabinet be able to read and interpret the markings. Poor penmanship or human error from manual marking could create more problems than it solves.

Terminal block marking by hand is also probably not the best use of your skilled team’s time. Taking advantage of Agilix Solutions’ terminal block marking services will free up your team’s bandwidth to take on more impactful and valuable work.

The Agilix Solutions Terminal Block Marking Solution

terminal block marking exampleAgilix Solutions utilizes a 1492 ClearMarkTM Advanced Marking System from Allen-Bradley to provide a complete marking solution for every terminal block in your facility. This impressive machine can print and set a full marker card in less than two minutes – and print in color, if needed, for your project.

Our in-house printing services help customers avoid the hassle and potential inconsistencies of labeling terminal blocks by hand. We’re able to offer a variety of markers including snap-in, hinged, and self-adhesive. We also offer linked markers for more efficient installation. Our machine can also print wire markers to help with cable management.

We often work from a spreadsheet provided by customers to specify the exact details you want included on each terminal block marker. Using specially designed gel ink from Allen Bradley and a unique heat curing process, our team can create consistently clear and readable terminal block markers that won’t smear or smudge.

Of course, each panel manufacturer might require a different shape and size of marker. Agilix Solutions will meet your specific needs with a tailored solution that will stay in place and resist environmental damage or wear from solvents and cleaning solutions.

Your Terminal Block Marking Solution is a Phone Call Away

Improve installation time and reduce cost with pre-labeled terminal blocks from Agilix Solutions. Contact your account manager or reach out to your nearest branch to take the first step toward clean, easy-to-read terminal block markings throughout your facility.