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Workplace Safety Starts with Well-Stocked First Aid Kits

Your company’s first aid kit is likely not top of mind until you need it. Unfortunately, when you need it, it might be too late. First aid is crucial, especially in the workplace. Being prepared with the proper first aid supplies has to be a priority for the health and safety of your employees, but also for compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for first aid kits.

The Latest ANSI Standards for First Aid Kits

In April 2022, ANSI approved the latest edition of ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2021. This is the sixth revision of this voluntary consensus standard, first published in 1978, and it went into effect on October 15, 2022. This standard established minimum performance specifications for first aid kits and their supplies. The standards are intended for use in a variety of work environments, and their classification is based on the anticipated number of potential users, the complexity of the work environment, and the level of hazards. Kits complying with the standards are classified by portability, ability to be mounted, and resistance to water, corrosion, and impact.

While legal requirements for first aid supply quantities is limited to logging operations, shipyards, marine terminals, longshoring, and the construction industry, the ANSI standards are a voluntary consensus standard, to establish an assortment and quantity of items recommended for workplace first aid kits. Under the new ANSI standards, there are two classes of first aid kits. Class A Kits are designed to deal with the most common types of workplace injuries. Class B kits specify a broader range and higher quantity of supplies for more complex or high-risk environments. First Aid Only, Agilix Solutions first aid partner, has a great resource on their website outlining the latest standards for Class A and Class B first aid kits.

First Aid Kit Restocking from Agilix Solutions

Open first aid kit showing all the supplies that need to be restocked regularly.First aid kits should be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are fully stocked according to the latest ANSI standards for each particular kit. The ANSI standards provide a good baseline for the materials you need on hand, but every workplace is different. Your particular kit may require additional items and higher quantities, depending on your workplace’s unique needs.

Agilix Solutions offers first aid inventory management as an option with our SupplyMaster Inventory Management services to help you ensure that every first aid station in your workplace is well-equipped with the supplies you need. Our program ensures that your cabinets are checked and restocked on a regular basis to ensure you’re ready for any workplace injury at any time. And with Agilix Solutions, you have options! You can keep your stock updated through the mobile app, or let us manage inventory for you. If you’re already a member of our SupplyMaster program, our first aid inventory management program can be added, and both areas can be restocked at the same time.

The Agilix Solutions first aid kit VMI services come with a variety of advantages:

  • Your first aid kit is constantly checked, cleaned, and reorganized without having dedicated internal resources
  • There are no minimum purchases or service charges
  • You can customize your program and safety kit content
  • You can also keep your existing safety kits and products
  • You’ll get service tailored to your needs, as our reps aren’t paid on commission
  • Our program is more cost-effective and service-focused than many comparable national programs

Your Partner in Workplace Safety

Safety is no accident, right? Well, with Agilix Solutions SupplyMaster first aid kit services, it’s also no hassle. Reach out to your account manager or contact your local Agilix Solutions branch to learn more about the services we provide, get your questions answered, and arrive at a first aid kit restocking solution that works best for your company’s unique needs.