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Electrical Contractor Solutions

Electrical contractors must make solid business decisions and take advantage of innovative technology to stay competitive and profitable. Agilix Solutions works with hundreds of electrical contractors like you to provide valued solutions – the very best products and services to help you stay efficient and productive.

We offer electrical supply, distribution equipment, automation, datacom, lighting, clean energy, specialty and building wire, power transmission and safety products and services to help you succeed.

When products are needed at a jobsite, it can be a logistical challenge trying to coordinate ordering, shipping, managing resources and the actual install. Let Agilix Solutions take the headache out of the process. From prefab, labor saving products, wire and cable solutions, stage/store/kitting, inventory management (onsite and offsite), mobile jobsite product storage, delivery and training, we want to be your most valuable supplier.

Need a product while you are on the go?  We have a sales counter at every branch which provide a fast, convenient way to purchase and pick up materials on your schedule.

We can help you complete your projects safely and efficiently. We’re here to support your efforts to reduce project costs, promote sustainability, increase safety, and improve your cash flow.

Streamline Your Operations & Jobsites with Our Reliable Services

As a contractor, your goal is to provide reliable and efficient solutions to your clients while managing costs effectively. We understand the unique challenges you face in delivering high-quality installations within budget constraints. Our experienced team works closely with you to optimize project designs, streamline installation processes, and enhance overall jobsite performance. Together, we can illuminate success while keeping costs under control.

News for Electrical Contractors

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