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How to Manage Construction Jobsite Inventory with Agilix Solutions

Do you have a clear picture of the materials and supplies deployed on any given construction jobsite at any given time? If you’re like many of the contractors we work with, that question might make you a little uncomfortable. The truth is jobsites are hotbeds of activity. People are coming and going, multiple crews are onsite at once, and it can be difficult to ensure unauthorized people aren’t accessing your materials. Supplies sometimes have a way of disappearing when nobody is looking, costing you untold time and money.

Your average parts and tools distributor isn’t going to be able to do much to ensure your materials are secure, but Agilix Solutions isn’t your average distributor. We’ve assembled a team of industry specialists empowered to deliver the latest and greatest products, along with a full spectrum of value-added services.

In this article, we’ll explore the uniquely useful inventory management and logistics services Agilix Solutions offers to help you streamline operations.

jobsite trailer for remote inventory managementJobsite Project Trailers

Our jobsite project trailers give you a single place to store and keep materials secure while your team is on a job. We offer a wide variety of containers in several sizes to custom-fit the needs of each specific project. We can also monitor inventory levels in your container and replenish supplies as warranted, ensuring your crew always has what they need when they need it.

Our construction jobsite project trailers are:

  • Weatherproof to protect your materials from exposure to the elements
  • Flexible enough to be configured in a way that works best for your application
  • Available with optional power and HVAC

Agilix Vending machines for remote inventory managementVending Solutions

Do you need the ability to track the use of consumable assets while minimizing the downtime associated with ordering new stock? Vending solutions from Agilix Solutions are the perfect fit. From coil to carousel to tool room entrances, Agilix Solutions has vending options that fit a wide variety of applications and products. You also have access to software and hardware solutions that allow you to make well-informed inventory decisions based on real-life usage data. Our vending solutions can also be incorporated into our jobsite project trailers for added security and convenience.

mobile jobsite cart for remote inventory managementMobile Jobsite Carts

Anything you can do to help your electricians stay mobile and flexible on the jobsite will result in efficiencies that impact the bottom line. Mobile jobsite carts fit the bill, eliminating the time-consuming search for the right parts or boxes. Everything is loaded onto the cart, placed in individual compartments, and easily accessible. It’s your ticket to cutting labor costs, reducing unnecessary spending, and protecting your inventory from loss and theft.

Flat Trailers

Does your team struggle to move long pieces of PVC conduit or other awkwardly sized and shaped materials around the jobsite? Agilix Solutions offers flat trailers to make the job easy, saving you labor in the installation of long runs. Hook the trailer to a pickup truck and your materials are jobsite mobile-ready during installation.

mobile conduit cart for remote inventory managementMobile Conduit Carrier Carts

How much time and productivity could your electricians save if they were able to position entire runs of conduit right at the install site? With mobile conduit carts from Agilix Solutions, they can! Our conduit carts feature a slim design ideal for narrow areas, such as doorways or hallways, where forklifts can’t go. The heavy-duty base frame provides peak capacity while taking up a minimal footprint. Locking ridge casters prevent unwanted load shifts, while swivel casters and welded handles improve ergonomics in transport.

mobile wire dispensing cart for remote inventory managementWire Mobile Inventory Management Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions to help you manage and deploy wire and cable on an installation jobsite. Metal A-frame wire reels are available in single, 3-bay, and 4-bay options. The multi-bay versions allow for safe and efficient parallel pulling. And once a pull is complete, you can simply roll the reel to the next pull site.

If you’re looking for a portable, wire pulling/payout system that allows one person to safely move wooden or plastic reels, consider using a smart reel solution available for loan from Agilix Solutions.

Our mobile wire dispensing carts can be delivered to any specified area within your jobsite and will conveniently dispense, and securely store, up to 18 reels. And our wire barrel hand trucks allow your team to easily transport barrels and dispense wire, particularly on jobsites with narrow doorways or rough surfaces.

Take Control of Remote Jobsite Inventory Management with Agilix Solutions

The thought of tracking jobsite inventory shouldn’t put you in a panic. Each of these solutions is tailored to helping you minimize clutter, improve visibility or available resources, empower your team for success, and reduce loss. Contact your Agilix Solutions Account Manager or visit us online to learn more about how to put the power of Agilix Solutions inventory management solutions to work on your next jobsite.