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Celebrate National Safety Month with High Quality Protective Products from Agilix Solutions

Did you know that June is National Safety Month in the United States? The goal of designating an entire month to safety is to encourage people to focus on how to reduce hazards and injuries in their work environment.

When it comes to your workplace, nothing is more important than providing a safe environment for employees to do their jobs. In honor of National Safety Month, Agilix Solutions is highlighting several of the latest protective equipment products we offer from top safety solution manufacturers.

Hand Protection from MCR Safety

Cut Pro® 13 Gauge Black Kevlar® / Synthetic Shell Cut Resistant Work Gloves

Cut Pro® 13 Gauge Black Kevlar® / Synthetic Shell Cut Resistant Work Gloves These Kevlar® gloves feature a polymer coating to offer better grip and durability for labor-intensive jobs. The 13-gauge black DuPontTM Kevlar® / Synthetic shell has a black nitrile foam coating on the palm and fingertips for wet or dry gripping power. The black color hides dirt and grime to keep the gloves looking better longer, while offering the same superior performance as yellow Kevlar®. This cut-resistant glove also is touchscreen capable, and works well with smart phones and other devices. It offers ANSI Level A4 cut protection, ANSI Level 6 Abrasion protection, and ANSI Level 4 puncture resistance.

Cut Pro® 13 Gauge HyperMaxTM Shell Cut, Abrasion, and Puncture Resistant Work Gloves

Cut Pro® 13 Gauge HyperMaxTM Shell Cut, Abrasion, and Puncture Resistant Work GlovesThis glove features a 13-gauge salt and pepper HyperMaxTM cut resistant shell with two coatings. The first is a flat gray nitrile drip to offer strength and support. The second is a black foam nitrile that covers the palm and fingers of each glove. The flat nitrile provides exceptional water and oil resistance. The foam nitrile offers superior wet and dry grip, and abrasion resistance. These high-performance gloves offer ANSI Level A4 cut protection, ANSI Level 4 abrasion protection, ANSI Level 5 puncture resistance, and ANSI Level 1 contact heat protection. Similar to MCR’s Kevlar® glove, the black polymer color of this glove hides dirt, grit, and grime to keep them looking their best for the long haul.

Hand and Arm Protection from Superior Glove

Endura® 378GKGVBE Vibration-Dampening Driver GlovesSuperior Glove Endura® 378GKGVBE Vibration-Dampening Driver Gloves

These tough, goatskin gloves are designed to provide reinforced back-of-hand protection and feature a composite blended lining to offer 360° ANSI Level A6 cut protection. They help the wearer defend their hands from cut and impact injuries, while a padded palm increases durability and suppresses vibrations.

Endura® 378GKGKGE Arc Flash-Rated Gloves

Endura® 378GKGKGE Arc Flash-Rated GlovesThese feature-packed gloves protect wearers against cuts, punctures, sparks, and flame. They’re made of a soft goatskin material to provide a lightweight and tailored fit, thanks to cut-and-sewn construction. But they also feature key cut- and spark-resistant features. Fully lined with a DuPontTM Kevlar® fiber / composite filament fiber, they provide 360° ANSI Level A4 cut resistance and ANSI Level 4 puncture resistance. Combined with an Arc Flash testing level of 3 for protection from sparks and flames, these are a great all-around glove for a variety of applications.

Contender TM KGC1T Flame-Resistant Sleeves

Contender TM KGC1T Flame-Resistant SleevesThese flame-, cut-, puncture-, and abrasion-resistant sleeves are a must-have for any jobsite where flames and sparks pose a hazard. They feature a tapered fit, and elasticized STAYz-UPTM armbands to prevent sliding and ensure comfort. The Kevlar® and composite filament fiber blend yarn delivers ANSI Level A4 cut protection, ANSI Level 2 abrasion resistance, and ANSI Level 2 puncture resistance. And the flame-resistant properties of these sleeves ensure they won’t burn, drip or melt. The dark green color is ideal for hiding stains and prolonging the life of the sleeve.

3M Head Protection

3M Secure-Fit H-Series Hard Hats with 3MTM Pressure Diffusion Technology3MTM Secure-FitTM H-Series Hard Hats with 3MTM Pressure Diffusion Technology

3MTM has completely reinvented the hard hat, from the inside out. The 3MTM Secure-FitTM H-Series Hard Hat provides 3MTM innovation in comfort while maintaining the traditional and popular cap and full brim design. It comes in optional vented models to allow for more airflow. A patented sensor changes color when exposed to UV light, to let you know when it’s time to replace. The suspension design sits lower on the wearer’s head to reduce forehead pressure. It’s designed with an absorbent brow pad to provide comfort and ventilation and optimized throughout for comfort and protection. These helmets can also be customized with your company’s logo.

All H-Series High Vis hard hat colors meet ANSI Z89.1 High-Visibility performance requirements. The H-Series non-vented hard hats meet ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type 1, Class G and E requirements as well as CSA z94.1 Type 1, Class G and E requirements. Vented models all meet ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type 1, Class C requirements and CSA Z94.1 Type 1, Class C requirements.

Agilix Solutions Has the Safety Products You Need

The amazing product innovations we’ve covered here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Agilix Solutions’ complete safety product offering. From fall protection to high visibility clothing, we have everything you need to keep your team safe, protected, and compliant. Reach out to your Account Manager or your nearest branch location to discuss your safety needs and get connected with the best products from the biggest name brands in safety.