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Rockwell Automation Makes Industrial Motor Control Simple and Expandable

Rockwell Automations industrial controls

It’s estimated that more than over 50% of the work that happens in a standard production environment today is completed by electric motors. So proper control and protection of your motors needs to be a high priority.

In this article, we’ll explore Rockwell Automation’s line of Branch Motor Control & Protection Solutions, designed to help you implement motor control in an easy and effective way. We think you’ll find that their intelligent components like circuit breakers, contactors, overload relays, and additional accessories allow them to deliver a tailored industrial solution that will solve for today’s needs while providing a scalable infrastructure for future operations as well.

Motor Control and Protection Solutions that Work Together

Rockwell Automation’s motor control and protection solutions are not merely standalone components. Each element was designed to work seamlessly together and be combined to meet a customer’s specific needs. The various components and accessories can be combined to suit your specific applications.

There are motor starter solutions that offer motor protection circuits with built in overload protection, saving you capital and panel space. They offer three-component starters featuring a separate overload relay, enabling you to tailor the level of motor protection your system calls for. Mounting systems are designed for the specific components offered to help you keep panels clean, organized, and compact.  And their complete line of fully integrated accessories allows you to achieve flexible modular control.

Enjoy Extended Ratings and Higher Performance

Rockwell Automation offers two tiers of motor protection circuit breakers and motor circuit protectors, ensuring the versatility to meet your specific demands.

The Bulletin 140MP line of motor protection circuit breakers offers the most commonly used features in a cost-effective fashion. Bulletin 140MP products provide magnetic short circuit and thermal overload protection up to 32 A.

Stepping up to the Bulletin 140MT products, you’ll enjoy enhanced ratings that enable assembled starters to be applied without the need for additional branch circuit protection. Tap conductor protection ratings offer cost savings, allowing you to use smaller wires in group motor installations. Bulletin 140MT products are available as motor circuit protectors for three-component starters and motor circuit breakers for two-component starters.

There are also special versions of 140MT products available to meet specific applications. All Bulletin 140 products are available with connectors that allow for direct wiring to Bulletin 100-K/C/E contactors.

Rockwell Automation industrial controlsFeaturing Flexibility and Easy Application

A core feature of the design of these products is ease of installation and use. With a strong support network, extensive selection and design tools, and a wide range of accessories, Rockwell Automation and Agilix Solutions can help you find the exact contactor needed for your application.

Contactors are available as standalone products or can be combined with compatible circuit breakers and overload relays to provide two- or three-component starting systems. And when it comes to accessories, they’ve thought of everything to solve for common, and even not so common, problems. Many available options can be obtained as preconfigured open or enclosed starters with simple-to-wire color coded connections.

Motor Protection to Mitigate Failure and Downtime

Motor failure is a fact of life. But most motor failures can be prevented by appropriate protection measures. Electric motors are the centerpiece of today’s modern industrial operations and provide the mechanical energy most of your manufacturing processes depend on. If they’re pushed too hard too often, the potential for costly equipment damage and unforeseen downtime is a very real concern.

The Allen-Bradley line of motor protection devices covers a wide range of needs from simple, single purpose protection to the newer overload technologies featuring diagnostics and Logix integration.

Rockwell Automation Technology + Agilix Solutions Expertise

If you’re interested in learning more about applying the latest industrial component innovations in your operations, we encourage you to check out ROK Talk on Industrial Components, a podcast series from Rockwell Automation.

As an Agilix Solutions customer, you have access to the latest innovative technology in industrial motor control and protection from Rockwell Automation, backed by local application expertise. This doesn’t have to be a mysterious and daunting endeavor. Reach out to your Account Manager to start the conversation about putting Rockwell Automation’s latest industrial control technology to work in your operations.