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Every Second Counts – Ensuring Critical Power & Operational Efficiency

Is your company prepared for those critical seconds between a power outage and when an emergency back-up generator kicks into operation? How does your business ensure a clean power feed to all your critical business systems, data and equipment?

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Many companies have addressed this issue. However, if you don’t have an immediate answer – don’t worry, we can help.

Critical power or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the case of a power disruption or power outage is vital to continued operational efficiency.

Today, we are more connected to people, business systems and manufacturing processes and data than ever before. And as we create a world of IoT (Internet of Things) and have increased mobility and remote access to real-time information there will be zero tolerance for the interruption to secure business systems and data.

Critical power is defined as the conditioned, reliable power required for essential loads in a facility, including power for assets like process equipment, facilities systems and critical appliances.

It is essential to have critical power across your range of key business applications.

APC by Schneider Electric has industrial UPS solutions for office and plant floor applications to fit your needs whatever your industry or application.




How Confident Are You?

How do you assess if your company is currently exposed to potential outages or downtime? Do you currently have a critical power back-up plan or strategy? If not, APC, in coordination with Agilix Solutions, can offer a complimentary assessment to help you identify potential risks. Plus, we can offer a complete solution to mitigate those risks.

Critical Power Applications

There are many applications where critical power supply is needed. Here are just few areas where APC can help companies, like yours, maintain critical power:

  • Data center or data closets
  • Plant floor manufacturing
  • Manufacturing support equipment, testing and assembly
  • Medical equipment operation
  • Emergency shutdown devices
  • Emergency lighting and evacuation
  • Security equipment and control rooms
  • Equipment reboot or start-up requirements
  • Airfields – ground lighting, radar and control tower

Critical Power Solutions

APC has several UPS products for double conversion on-line topologies (zero transfer time), which have excellent voltage, conditioning and ease of paralleling.

In fact, APC has recently introduced new Lithium-ion technologies into several products further maximizing the performance of critical power products. Let APC and Agilix Solutions help you identify the right energy efficient option for your specific business application.

Ask about APC’s wide-range of UPS products for facility and industrial applications including:

 APC Critical Power Solutions


  • Battery backup & surge protector for electronics and computers
  • High performance computer and electronics UPS for premium power protection



  • Highly available single-phase UPS features redundant and scalable double-conversion on-line power protection.


Galaxy 3500

  • 10-40kVA compact 3 phase UPS power protection with excellent efficiency and optimized footprint particularly adapted for demanding industrial environments
  • 40-130 kVA 3 phase UPS power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements from medium data centers to industrial and facilities applications

Galaxy 3500Galaxy VM

  • Highly efficient 160-1125VA – 480V and 160-100kVA 400V 3 phase UPS power protection that seamlessly integrates into medium data centers, industrial or facilities applications.

Gutor PXC

  • 10-100kVA high performance, compact, pre-engineered 3 phase UPS for light and heavy industrial applications.


If you would like to learn about APC’s critical power solutions or to schedule a FREE assessment, contact us or your Agilix Solutions Account Manager today.