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Essentials Series: Safety

SafetyEssentials offered by Agiloix Solutions

There’s nothing more important than helping you make sure your employees return to their families safe and healthy at the end of every shift.

Improve personnel safety, protect equipment and machines, and keep workers productive with products available from Agilix Solutions.





Brady SafeKey LocksBrady SafeKey Locks

Brady offers padlocks that have no seams for higher durability, keys that are difficult to duplicate and color-coded keys and locks. Watch Video




Federal Signal Fireball® LED Warning LightsFederal Signal Fireball® LED Warning Lights

This multi-pattern LED is available in single-color and quad-color models. It allows a user to select one of three flash patterns without having to open the unit. Watch Video



FLUKE TiS20+/TiS20+ MAX Thermal Imagers


FLUKE TiS20+/TiS20+ MAX Thermal Imagers

Save time with the right level of infrared and analysis. Fluke IR-Fusion technology combines visible and infrared images
for faster inspections and better reporting.




Southwire Triggers® Wireless Safety Switch SystemSouthwire Triggers® Wireless Safety Switch System

This safety system is designed to control the input power of any piece of jobsite equipment. It works with all brands and saves time by preventing unnecessary stops and restarts.




Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


3M Full Mask Respirator3M Full Mask Respirator

This full-facepiece reusable respirator offers lightweight comfort and ease of use. More Info



Ironwear 8050 Nimbus Hard Hat LightIronwear 8050 Nimbus Hard Hat Light

This hard hat light features an LED headlamp and side light that can be turned on simultaneously or separately. It is water-resistant and fits Ironwear 3970 full-brim hard hat. More Info 


WATCH: Ironwear Headlight Video


Milwaukee BOLT™ Front Brim Safety Helmet with Accessory SlotsMilwaukee BOLT™ Front Brim Safety Helmet with Accessory Slots

This helmet absorbs top-impact energy, and protects against side impacts. The inner liner is moisture-wicking and removable for washing.



Superior Grove TenActiv™ Ultra-thin Hi-Viz GlovesSuperior Grove TenActiv™ Ultra-thin Hi-Viz Gloves

These gloves are silicone-free and deliver the industry’s highest level of cut protection in a thin 21-guage knit.




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What is the Essentials Series?

At Agilix Solutions, one of our differentiators is our access to a large variety of manufacturers to serve our customers. The time-old saying, “one-stop shop” embodies what we can provide to clients across various industries. In this Essentials Series blog, we are showcasing products and services that not only prioritize safety but also drive profitability and efficiency for your business.

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