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Hubbell EdgeConnect Technology Brings Screwless Termination to Straight Blade Device Installations

Straight blade electrical connections are all around us. From the outlets in your home to healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and industrial environments, straight blade plugs and connectors are the way most power is delivered to the devices we depend on every day. So any innovation that can make straight blade device installation faster, more reliable, more affordable, and safer is going to get some attention.

Such is the case for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems’ EdgeConnectTM straight blade product line. Agilix Solutions customers are no stranger to Hubbell innovation. We’ve introduced you to the Twist-Lock® Edge series of products as well as Hubbell’s expanded Twist-Lock Edge product family, which now also includes plugs and inlets.

In this article, we’re going to explore how Hubbell’s straight blade EdgeConnectTM devices are delivering faster installation times, safer installs, and reliability you can depend on.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems EdgeConnect straight blade product line

What Makes EdgeConnect Straight Blade Device Installations Different?

For more than 70 years, screw termination was the standard method for straight blade device receptacle installation. On average, a good installer takes about 68 seconds to install a traditional receptable. The screwless installation method of EdgeConnect straight blade devices cuts that by up to 80%. Let’s explore how.

In a standard traditional termination, each wire is wrapped around a screw and torqued down with a screwdriver or torque wrench. EdgeConnect devices eliminate that manual labor. Simply insert a wire into a hole in the device and flip a plunger with your fingers. That flip causes a lever to activate a spring in the device that securely clamps down on the wire with the precise amount of tension needed for the specific device and wire.

Best of all, EdgeConnect screwless terminations are tight from day one and stay that way, which minimizes future issues and the need for rework. The terminations hold up even in high vibration environments, which are generally expected to degrade, not improve, a product’s performance. With EdgeConnect devices, as the profile of the wire changes the device constantly adapts to maintain a secure connection. The devices actually perform better over time.

At the Intersection of Savings, Durability & Safety

We’ve already learned about the labor saving associated with faster installations, as well as the durability of the spring connection technology that makes terminations hold up for the long haul with EdgeConnect devices. But these revolutionary products also provide an edge (no pun intended) from a safety perspective as well. Traditional screw termination devices have exposed terminal screws by design, exposing installers and anyone who has access to them, to a risk of electrical shock. The screwless design of the EdgeConnect device family means no exposed terminal screws and a greatly reduced chance of exposure to electrical shock.

EdgeConnect Straight Blade Products for all Your Electrical Installation Needs

Hubbell Wiring Device Kellems Straight Blade Devices - EdgeConnectHubbell offers EdgeConnect technology in a wide variety of duplex receptables available in hospital grade, industrial, Fed-Spec, tamper-resistant, and decorator and standard duplex commercial varieties. Later this year, the company also plans to introduce an expansive line of EdgeConnectTM straight blade plugs, connectors, and single receptacles as well, to meet an even greater variety of needs and use cases.

Agilix Solutions has built a reputation on partnering with the best manufacturers in the industries we serve. This ensures our customers are always among the first to learn about new technology and have the opportunity to put it to work with their team. If you’re interested in exploring the impact EdgeConnectTM technology from Hubbell can have on your next installation project, reach out to your account manager or contact your nearest branch to be connected to our team’s Hubbell experts and discuss your unique needs.