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Scale Your Maintenance Program with Fiix CMMS from Rockwell Automation

As processes and machinery have become more complex, the challenges of supervising a facility, fleet, or manufacturing operation have grown increasingly difficult. Lack of maintenance and poor asset control lead to untold expenses for companies who can’t keep up with the tasks. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have made a major difference in helping companies of all sizes effectively organize their assets, increase the life and performance of equipment, and perform maintenance tasks more efficiently.

Fiix CMMS logo for Rockwell AutomationIn late 2020, Rockwell Automation completed the acquisition of Fiix, Inc., an AI-enabled CMMS. Fiix is now offered in Rockwell Automation’s MaintenanceSuite, as a tool to help companies schedule, organize, and track equipment maintenance. Fiix gives plant maintenance and operations personnel a full range of industrial automation services.

Today we’re going to explore the five biggest features that make Fiix CMMS from Rockwell Automation a superior solution for managing maintenance and asset control for your company.

Feature #1: Consistent and Complete Work Order Management

Traditional paper-based work orders leave room for error. Details get missed, status is difficult to track and update, and work falls through the cracks. Fiix makes it easier to submit and respond to requests, keep your records organized in a secure space, and automatically analyze large quantities of work orders seamlessly.  You can design your own custom work request forms and allow users to search, sort, and track requests via mobile or desktop. You can easily upload and edit multiple work orders from a single CSV file with greater accuracy, saving you valuable time on updates. You can add inspection tasks to work orders, automate follow up activities if there’s an issue exposed, and tie all of it back to the original work order, keeping you better prepared to pass audits.

Fiiz demo showcase

Feature #2: Reliable Asset Management

Imagine having everything you want to know about all your company’s assets in one place, accessible in seconds. Fiix makes it possible. You can create, customize, and attach QR codes or barcodes to any asset, part, or work order. Use a mobile device to scan the code and all the information about that asset appears in the palm of your hand. Drag and drop equipment in Fiix to build an asset hierarchy and run reports filtered by parent/child relationships. Users, inventory, purchases, and tasks can all be organized by location, allowing you to schedule and trigger work by time zone and have access to real-time updates from each site. Fiix makes building SOPs a much simpler process, allowing you to group similar assets together and spend less time scheduling, assigning, and tracking tasks and reports.

Feature #3: Headache-Free Inventory Management

With Fiix, you can simplify the process of purchasing spare parts without sacrificing quality or overspending. You can set minimum quantities for specific parts and receive notifications when your supply hits the threshold. You’ll have one centralized database to record the status and details of all purchases. Fiix also integrates with your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to share information about inventory receipts, stock levels, new spare parts, and purchase orders. All your vendor information is available at your fingertips, grouped by trade, with notes about their preferred status. It’s simply a smoother way to ensure you have the right parts at the right time for the right price.

Feature #4: Actionable Reporting and Analytics

Fiix Analytics dashboardThere’s no shortage of data in any organization. But having a single place to access the data, knowing which data to use, and how to use it is your competitive advantage. Fiix eliminates binders and spreadsheets, collecting all of your maintenance data in one place for you to analyze and act on it. See real-time KPIs, set benchmarks, and make data-driven decisions without having to sort through it all manually. Fiix allows you to set shared KPIs, ensuring everyone is in agreement, watching and reacting to the metrics that matter for your bottom line. You can also create analytics dashboards for multiple sites, enabling you to identify gaps and scale best practices to optimize performance companywide.

Feature #5: Remote Maintenance Management

Finally, the mobile CMMS app from Fiix allows you to manage maintenance from anywhere, even without an internet connection. The app allows you to create work requests with a few taps and get push notifications to your mobile device when a task is assigned to you. If a work order is overdue, it can be highlighted in the app and prioritized appropriately. Work orders, assets, and parts data are all searchable in a matter of seconds. You can also attach images to work orders to simplify instructions, flag issues, and make clearer notes.

Fiix CMMS Transforms Maintenance Operations

Fiix from Rockwell Automation is the superior platform for planning, tracking, and optimizing maintenance across your entire organization. Imagine the peace of mind knowing teams, tools, data, and processes were all connected, providing critical insights to help you scale your maintenance program and boost asset performance. It’s all possible with Fiix. Ready to learn more? Reach out to your account manager or contact us to connect with an Agilix Solutions representative to discuss how Fiix can bring order and organization to your company’s asset maintenance.

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