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Maximize Safety, Productivity & Reliability in Industrial Cable Installation with Southwire SIMpull Solutions®

As the operating climate for electrical contractors has become more competitive, many in the industry are looking for new avenues to win bids and maximize profitability. With wire, cable, and conduit installation accounting for roughly 40% of all the material and labor budget on a typical project, any efficiencies that can be gained go a long way toward reducing overhead.

SIMpull Wire Reels

Agilix Solutions is a Southwire Solutions Partner Distributor. As a partner, we offer the entire line of SIMpull Solutions® products designed to help contractors make cable installation safer, improve productivity, and realize massive cost savings. Originally focusing on solutions designed to reduce wire cost, Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions® product line has expanded in recent years to focus on reducing labor cost as well. Their entire suite of solutions now helps to address virtually all of a typical job’s wire and labor costs.

NoLUBE® Cable Checks All the Boxes

When Southwire introduced SIMpull NoLUBE® cable in 2007, it forever changed the game of commercial and industrial electrical installation. By eliminating the need for a lubricant while pulling wire into a conduit, NoLUBE® cable made the job safer, faster, and easier than ever before. With less setup and cleanup time, and no need to protect surfaces from lubricant spills or wipe down wire for terminations, contractors can rapidly accelerate job schedules.

SIMpull NoLUBE® cable is rated sunlight resistant in sizes 2 AWG and larger on SIMpull THHN® wire and cable and #8 and larger on SIMpull XHHW-2® wire and cable. Savvy electrical contractors are recognizing that reducing overhead on the jobsite starts with exceptional materials like NoLUBE® cable.

SIMpull™ Flange Transforms Traditional Wood and Plastic Cable Reels

The Southwire SIMpull™ Flange is an independently rotating flange with a patented shaftless design. Using a SIMpull™ Flange, a single person can transform a wooden or plastic reel up to 34” wide and 2,000 pounds into a time-saving, field-installable solution that doesn’t require heavy jack stands. This revolutionary product allows for free movement of loaded reels because each flange rotates independently.

SIMpull™ Flanges are reusable and can be easily installed and removed for use on multiple reels on the same jobsite. They are compatible with most commercial and residential cable reels and come with magnetic chocks to keep the reel in place throughout installation. They also come with a stand for easy transport and storage. Utilizing the SIMpull™ Flange makes moving and using reels throughout the jobsite safer and simpler, with significantly less manpower and equipment.

SIMpull™ Reel

SIMpull™ Reel Redefines Limits of Cable Pulling

Feeding cable inside of buildings or structures has historically been a labor-intensive job. Simply moving and setting up feeder cable reels can present a whole list of challenges before you even get to the pay-off process. The labor, equipment, tools, physical effort, and time required to do the job mount up to a large expense for contractors.

Southwire set out to revolutionize the job site with the Southwire SIMpull™ Reel system. For starters, they’ve made it easier to get the reel to where you need it to be. Each reel can safely transport up to 6,000 pounds of wire. Yet the reel fits through a standard 38” door and is designed so that a single person can move it to the spot of the pull with no additional machinery. It begins saving you time and labor before you even start the wire pull.

Once in place, this patented system allows you to combine up to five wires of individually colored conductors for up to four pulls, depending on the size of the cable and the length of the pull. Fewer reels means less man hours, less labor, and less cost. In the example below, a crew of six can do in one day what used to take four weeks:

SIMpull™ Video

That’s Only the Beginning

While we’ve highlighted some of the biggest innovations in Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions® line of products, what we’ve shown here is just the beginning. Check out our complete line of Southwire products, or stop in to your local Agilix Solutions location to take the first step toward reducing your overhead and implementing a more efficient cable pulling process for you and your crew.

Agilix Solutions offers the full Southwire product suite in select geographic areas. Contact us for more information.