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Choose the UPS & IT Monitoring System that Works as Hard as You

You’ve come to rely on solutions from APC to provide “Certainty in a Connected World.” You need tools, resources, and partner solutions that ensure your business is able to respond and perform exactly when needed. Now, the certainty and innovation you count on from APC is even stronger with new power and monitoring solutions that provide cost savings and greater peace of mind for your business.

Introducing Smart-UPSTM Lithium-Ion

There are some things your employees and customers take for granted that you never can. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is one of them. Whether you are protecting small networking devices, point-of-sale (POS) equipment, entry-level servers; or need protection for server rooms, wiring closets, or distributed IT, millions of IT professionals and business owners globally trust Smart-UPS™ by APC to protect their equipment and data. Now, the product trusted worldwide is available in Lithium-Ion, providing the power and network protection you expect with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and three times the battery life from 500VA to 3000VA.

APC Smart-UPS Lithium-Ion

Lithium-ion, or li-ion, batteries have been used commercially for over 20 years. However, they haven’t been available for use as batteries for single-phase UPS because the necessary balance of price, energy density, power, safety, and reliability simply did not exist. Advances made in li-ion chemistries and technologies over the past ten years, many fueled by the electric vehicle industry, have made li-ion a legitimate option for UPS vendors. Now, li-ion batteries mean your critical servers, security, and communication systems will remain on during extended power outages with reduced costs to maintain them.

Compared to VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) batteries, li-ion batteries offer significant benefits.  First, the extended life of li-ion batteries means fewer battery replacements over the life of the UPS. In some cases, it’s possible the lithium-ion batteries will never need to be replaced, meaning network downtime is drastically reduced or eliminated for battery replacement issues. Second, li-ion batteries offer significant weight and size reduction and feature as much as three times less weight compared to alternative battery options for the same amount of energy. Smart-UPS Lithium-ion Short Depth fits in both traditional and wall mount racks and is perfect for tight spaces and server cables, while also offering additional room for cable management. Third, li-ion batteries are faster charging, which can be critical in a multiple outage situation. Finally, li-ion batteries are easy to install and come with a five-year warranty on the UPS and battery.

Make the switch to Smart-UPS Lithium-ion and manage your UPS remotely with the included APC Power Chute software Business Edition, a free download included with your purchase. Smart-UPS™ Lithium-Ion is EcoStruxture ready so you can connect your hybrid IT environments for advanced insights and comes in a broad range of power options to suit your needs, from 500 to 1500VA.

Remotely Monitor Your Critical IT Infrastructure with EcoStruxtureTM IT Expert

Ecostruxture smartphone app screenshotYou’ve selected Smart-UPS Lithium-ion for your UPS system, now what? How can you ensure you’re aware of everything that’s happening within this critical system for your business and stop maintenance issues and downtime before they occur? Remote device monitoring is critical for your IT infrastructure, no matter what devices you are using. Maintenance of your critical IT infrastructure and visibility of the status of your remote devices just got easier with EcoStruxtureTM IT Expert. With it, you’ll improve your system’s efficiency by using the data it provides to reduce costs and mitigate risks. The system’s vendor-neutral monitoring provides users with a cloud and IoT-enable platform for delivery of secure data related to your IT infrastructure.

EcoStruxture provides users with UPS health assessments that include improvement recommendations and battery wear life predictions. EcoStruxture load assessments allow you to optimize utilization and deployment of your UPS for better system efficiency. Stop security issues before they take your network down with data and recommendations on old firmware, outdated hardware, and vulnerable configurations. EcoStruxture alarms deliver both Active and detailed alarm assessment, allowing you to determine which devices need replacement and how your UPS is performing. Each device’s data is available on EcoStruxture, allowing proactive management of the entire IT infrastructure and awareness of its upcoming maintenance and replacement needs.  EcoStruxture IT monitoring ensures the safety and reliability of your critical data and communication systems and guarantees you are never alone. Remote monitoring and data assessment combined with expert recommendations ensures any issues are anticipated, properly resolved the first time, and your business stays online.

Your Business Stays On with Smart-UPS™ Lithium-Ion and EcoStruxture IT Expert

Power and network reliability, and visibility of your local edge and data center environments are non-negotiable for any business. Ensuring security and communication systems remain online even in extended outages is no longer a luxury but simply the norm. Explore the range of Smart-UPS™ Lithium-Ion, available in a wide range of forms, factors, and classes for nearly every application and budget by contacting your Agilix Solutions Account Manager or stopping by your local branch to learn more.

Start saving now and make network outages a worry of the past. Create certainty and security for your business communication and IT systems in this connected world with APC Smart-UPS™ Lithium-Ion and Ecostruxture IT monitoring.