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Agilix Solutions is an authorized distributor of NORD products and services. NORD develops, produces and distributes drive systems and is one of the leading international full-service provider in the industry. In addition to standard drives, NORD supplies application-specific concepts and solutions for special requirements, for example with energy-saving drives or explosion-protected systems. The company founded in 1965 has today worldwide through 35 own subsidiaries. The dense sales and service network ensures optimum availability for short delivery times and a customer-oriented services. NORD’s wide variety of gear types covers torques from 10 Nm to 200,000 Nm, electric motors in the power range from 0.12 kW to 200 kW and with frequency inverters and servo controllers, the necessary power electronics. Inverter solutions are available both for installation in control cabinets as well as for decentralized and fully integrated drive units.

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NORDAC LINK field distribution system | NORD DRIVESYSTEMS


Product Highlight DuoDrive | NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

High-efficiency portfolio | NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

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