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Agilix Solutions is an authorized distributor of Eaton’s B-Line series products and technologies. Eaton’s B-Line series is a leading manufacturer of quality support systems and enclosures for the electrical, mechanical and communications industries. Their products include bolted framing, strut systems and fittings, cable tray, cable management, comm/data equipment, cabinets, enclosures and metering devices, as well as pipe hangers and mechanical supports. Their product lines are manufactured in modern facilities throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and are used in a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial, utility and OEM markets.


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KwikRail Sample
Eaton B-Line series KwikRail Cable Tray System Installs Up to 75% Faster with Fewer Parts

We’re all looking for ways to do more with less- less time, less resources, and less help. In an environment like that, speed and simplicity rule th [...]

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Image of large outdoor cable tray system
Understanding NEMA Standards for Cable Tray Systems

Agilix Solutions is an authorized distributor of Eaton’s B-Line series products and technologies. As a leading manufacturer of quality support syste [...]

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Cut Seismic Bracing Installation Time in Half with Eaton’s B-Line Series Seismic Cable Kit

The ground rumbles and you feel a sudden jolt. You brace yourself for a second, hoping it isn’t what you fear. The floor beneath you and the rest of [...]

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