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Eaton B-Line series KwikRail Cable Tray System Installs Up to 75% Faster with Fewer Parts

KwikRail cable tray systemWe’re all looking for ways to do more with less- less time, less resources, and less help. In an environment like that, speed and simplicity rule the day. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the new KwikRail™ cable tray system from Eaton, a solution designed to make the process of installing cable tray significantly faster and easier.

The KwikRail cable tray system is ideal for commercial and data center cable management for 12A and 12B load classes.  Its innovative design and accessories allow installers to modify the tray easily and quickly on the jobsite.  Below, we’ll explore the three most distinct advantages of the KwikRail cable tray system.

KwikRail SampleFaster Installations that Require Less Hardware

The KwikRail cable tray system features an I-beam side rail splice retention groove that allows installers to easily guide and guide the splice in place with just 2 bolts. The splice retention groove holds the splice in place while maintaining structural integrity and is UL classified as an electrical grounding conductor. That means less hardware and quicker installs.

With the KwikRail cable tray tab and lock trapeze system, installers can save up to 80% on hardware and up to 75% on installation time. The tab and lock only require one support and two B-Line series Buzznut™ to support the tray, compared to 15 or more parts to install typical trapeze supports.

Unmatched Design Versatility to Suit Your Project

The straight sections of KwikRail are available with either welded rungs or bolted rungs to allow installers to add or remove rungs in the field. The straight sections and fittings also feature perforations along the side rail to allow them to be quickly and easily altered on the job site. Plus, add-a-rung-kits allow you to add rungs at any location along the length of the tray, making cable support and accessorizing simple to achieve.

Unlike conduit, the KwikRail cable tray system is quick and simple to install and allows for rapid modification in the field. Rungs can easily be added or removed from welded straight sections, and it includes multiple fittings and accessories to allow for future cable pathway expansion.

KwikRail from Eaton B-LineApplications for KwikRail Cable Tray

The KwikRail cable tray system is ideal for NEMA 12A and 12B (CSA class C-3 and D-3M) load classes for small power and instrumentation tray cable management in multiple applications, including:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Light industrial facilities
  • Data centers
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • University buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Multi-tenant facilities

Agilix Solutions is Your KwikRail Connection

Are you looking to bring speed and simplicity to your cable tray installation process? The B-Line series KwikRail cable tray system from Eaton may be just the solution. Reach out to your Account Manager or stop by your nearest branch to take the first steps toward faster and easier installs today!