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Agilix Solutions is Improving Accessibility of Industry 4.0 Investments

Digital transformation is no longer an optional luxury for manufacturers. The labor market is shrinking and competition is tightening in all industries. Adapting to Industry 4.0 is an operational imperative that all manufacturers are going to have to tackle at some point. Still many are hesitant, whether that’s because they’ve attempted Industry 4.0 initiatives in the past that didn’t deliver, or they’re afraid of making expensive bad decisions.

Woman unlocking manufacturing insights using Industry 4.0 technology.

You know Agilix Solutions as your portal to products from the leading companies in industrial automation. What you may not know is that we have a robust team of in-house and external experts, who understand how to create tailored digital transformation plans and solutions for our customers. In this article, we’ll introduce Agilix Solutions’ process for helping customers develop and implement a digital transformation plan that’s tailored to their specific goals, budget-friendly, and scaleable for growth over time.

Digital Transformation Discovery Workshops – Low-Risk Initiation

Agilix Solutions recognizes that what often holds manufacturers back from taking the first step in their digital transformation journey is uncertainty about making the right decisions that will truly move the needle for their operation. So we’ve developed a complimentary Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop designed to assemble your key stakeholders and uncover the business outcomes that matter most for your organization.

These value-packed 2- to 4-hour workshops can be hosted virtually or in person. Prior to the workshop, your team will complete a brief questionnaire, consisting of the four questions we have identified to uncover the most impactful insights about the direction you need to take. On the day of the workshop, our team of Industry 4.0 subject matter experts will meet directly with your key leaders from operations, IT, and engineering to work together to establish an initial direction for your organization’s digital transformation.

Coming out of our complimentary workshop, you’ve got options. You’re welcome to take our findings and develop the project scope yourself, or we can take the next step together. This is the step where the rubber meets the road. Agilix Solutions has access to a large bench of the top performing integrators across the country. We can help you select the right one for the business priorities we’ve identified together and bring them into your project. Once we’ve chosen the right integrator for you, we’ll bring them in for a second workshop with you and your Agilix Solutions team draft the plan for your company to move forward and achieve your objectives.

Customized Point Solutions that Can Grow with You

Manufacturing professional leveraging Industry 4.0 technology to make data driven decisions.

Many manufacturers are hesitant to make the inevitable leap to Industry 4.0 because they assume it will mean a massive upfront investment. It’s true that it is an expensive proposition to completely overhaul your operation with every IA tool and software available, but an all-at-once transformation of that magnitude isn’t necessary to have an impactful change.

Based on the business goals we identify together, Agilix Solutions is able to develop custom integrated point solutions that will benefit your operation immediately, but also serve as the foundation for continuous improvement on your automation journey. We blend the highest industry standards and practices with your organization’s specific needs to create solutions tailored to you. This allows you to budget and plan for future investments with your goals in mind.

When You Think Industry 4.0, Think Agilix

You have business challenges today that aren’t going to be resolved without technology investments. Agilix Solutions’ goal is to ensure you make the right investments to address them. Our tailored process makes it incredibly affordable to take the first steps with a team of highly experienced manufacturing experts. Our in-house expertise, combined with our deep bench of partners, can help you create a roadmap you feel comfortable with and give you peace of mind that comes from knowing what you stand to gain.

If you’re ready to realize the benefits of Industry 4.0 for your operation, you’ve got more than a distributor in Agilix Solutions. You have a partner as committed to creating impactful outcomes as you are. Take the first step by contacting your Account Manager, or reaching out on our website to start the conversation and schedule your complimentary Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop.