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Ocal® PVC-Coated Conduit & Fittings for Electrical Corrosion Protection

There’s an old saying: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to electrical systems in corrosive environments like wastewater treatment and chemical plants, that weakest link is sometimes the conduits and fittings that bring everything together.

You may remember us covering ABB’s breakthrough Liquidtight Fittings product line, and other corrosion protection innovations through the years. In this article, we’ll feature ABB’s revolutionary and trusted solution designed to minimize corrosive fail points and ensure system integrity.

What is Ocal® from ABB Installation Products?

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The Ocal product line includes electrical conduit systems, fittings, and accessories designed to provide durable and corrosion-resistant solutions for electrical installations in various industrial and commercial settings. Recognized for its PVC-coated conduit systems, the Ocal line offers superior protection against harsh environments, chemicals, and corrosive agents compared to traditional metal conduits.

Ocal PVC-coated conduits and fittings offer a complete corrosion protection package for your entire conduit system, substantially extending the life of your electrical raceway system.

What Sets Ocal Conduits & Fittings Apart?

There are four key characteristics that make Ocal products stand out from the field:

  • Complete Corrosion Protection Solution: There’s no weak link in your electrical raceway system. Ocal’s full solution offering is available for ordinary and hazardous location applications.
  • Ocal UL Verified NEMA 4X Conduit Body: The Ocal UL-verified 4X conduit body, including covers with a leakproof O-ring seal, meets the latest NEMA standard for both corrosion and liquid damage.
  • Ocal Certified Contractor Training: ABB extends the product’s limited warranty for defects in material and workmanship from two years to five years when installed by a Certified Ocal installer. Agilix can coordinate and host this certification training for your team.
  • Custom Colors: In addition to the standard gray, white, and blue, Ocal products can be provided in any color suited to your application.

ABB Ocal family of products offering electrical corrosion protection

Who Are Ocal Products Designed to Help?

The primary application for Ocal products is in industries and facilities where protection against corrosion and harsh environmental conditions matters, including:

  • Chemical processing facilities
  • Water/wastewater treatment plants
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Marine facilities
  • Oil and gas production sites
  • Various other industrial environments

Ocal fitting provides electrical corrosion protectionElectrical contractors favor Ocal products for installations requiring superior electrical corrosion protection and durability. Maintenance professionals rely on the products to protect electrical systems during maintenance and repair processes. Facility managers appreciate the reliability and longevity of Ocal products, which reduces the need for frequent maintenance and replacement. Engineers and architects specify these products for projects demanding the most robust conduit systems.

Agilix Solutions is Your Partner in Ocal Product Supply

There are several reasons Agilix Solutions is our customers’ preferred distributor for Ocal products:

  • Immediate Availability: We maintain a comprehensive inventory to ensure Ocal products are available when you need them, reducing installation delays and downtime.
  • Convenience: We simplify procurement, ensuring all necessary materials are available from a single supplier.
  • Flexibility: You don’ t need exact counts to purchase. Buy more than you need to avoid freight and delivery issues associated with shortages. Simply return what you don’t use.
  • No Minimum Order Requirements: Forget factory minimums and long lead times with our stocked inventory.
  • Fast Delivery: You can depend on Agilix Solutions for fast order fulfillment and timely delivery. We’re your partner in urgent projects and emergency repairs.
  • Expert Technical Support: We have a knowledgeable in-house staff to offer assistance, recommendations, and guidance to ensure your success with Ocal products.

Agilix Solutions is your go-to distributor for Ocal products, ensuring uninterrupted operations and efficient infrastructure maintenance. Reach out to your account manager or contact your nearest Agilix branch to put the team of ABB and Agilix to work for you.