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Rockwell Automation Launches Learning+ Enhanced

Rockwell Automation is known for its role as an innovator in the ways work gets done on the plant floor. But they’ve also become a leader in providing training for the people who work with their technologies every day through their introduction of the Learning+ training subscription. Now, they’re raising the bar again with the launch of their new Learning+ Enhanced subscription, which expands upon the curriculum of Learning+ to help manufacturers provide their workforce with the technical skills and knowledge to keep their production environment operating smoothly.

Man participating in Rockwell Automation Learning+ enhanced course

What is the Difference Between Learning+ and Learning+ Enhanced?

Learning+ is an electronic training subscription from Rockwell Automation that features self-paced e-learning modules and hybrid virtual classrooms, primarily focused on Rockwell Automation technologies. It’s designed as a flexible platform compatible with tablets or PCs, using a standard internet browser. Each lesson in Learning+ ends with a knowledge assessment that issues a certificate of completion if the user scores 80% or higher. Learning+ provides training in a variety of automation technologies:

  • Control
  • Visualization
  • Drives
  • Motion
  • Process
  • Industrial Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software
  • Safety

Learning+ subscriptions are offered in a 90-day, single-user option that provides access to one course, or 365-day options that feature single-user, group-user, multi-user, or educational-user choices and rates.

Woman participating in Rockwell automation Learning+ Enhanced course on tabletLearning+ Enhanced is all of that, and more. In addition to the Rockwell Automation-focused content, Learning+ Enhanced provides a variety of courses on base craft skills to enhance the learner’s knowledge in important industrial areas like instrumentation and controls, base electrical, mechanical, and operational excellence. In today’s competitive labor market, Learning+ Enhanced is designed to help manufacturers upskill and reskill their current workforce to meet growing demands. Learning+ Enhanced is offered in three different 365-day subscription options: single-user, group-user, and multi-user.

A Closer Look at Learning+ Enhanced

The Learning+ Enhanced subscription provides 140 additional hours of training across 59 unique courses, above and beyond the Learning+ course offering. The courses are designed for technicians, but are applicable across a wide array of industrial job titles to anyone who has, or will soon have, equipment maintenance responsibilities. The additional knowledge areas covered in Learning+ Enhanced include:

  • Electrical Technician
  • Instrumentation and Controls Technician
  • Maintenance Shop Equipment
  • Math and Sciences
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Operational Excellence
  • Power Plant Systems
  • Renewables

Agilix Solutions is Your Learning+ Enhanced Connection

Interested in bringing the power of Learning+ Enhanced to your team or adding the Learning+ Enhanced option to your existing subscription? As an Allen-Bradley Authorized Distributor and Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider, Agilix Solutions is your portal into the entire suite of Rockwell Automation products and services, including Learning+ Enhanced. Reach out to your Account Manager or visit our Rockwell Automation page to learn how to get started.