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Secure Your Industrial Visualization Applications with Rockwell Automation’s VersaView® 6300 Products

In May 2020, Rockwell Automation acquired Italy-based ASEM S.p.A., an internationally renowned provider of automation technologies. This acquisition helped the company instantly and considerably expand upon its ability to develop industrial PCs, Thin Clients and secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) remote access solutions.  With their new in-house capabilities, the company soon announced the launch of the Allen-Bradley VersaView® 6300 line of industrial PCs and Thin Clients based on ASEM product line.

Visualization systems are typically the most expensive to maintain on the plant floor. They’re also common targets for bad actors looking for access to control system assets and intellectual property. The VersaView 6300 series is specifically designed to cost-effectively improve the reliability and security of industrial visualization applications in a major way.

These powerful PCs and thin clients work with Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk View human-machine interface (HMI) software as well as the ThinManager® thin-client management software. Together, the three components create a complete industrial visualization system.

About the VersaView® 6300 Product Line

Each model of the VersaView 6300 line was created with specific applications in mind. The computers and components have been designed to minimize or remove typical industrial PC failure points like connectors or fans and other moving parts. As a result, costly repairs and replacements are minimized and end users enjoy extended life from their PC.

Let’s explore a few of the most popular products in this growing line:

VersaView® 6300M Industrial Panel Monitors

The monitors in the VersaView 6300 product line provide up to full high-definition resolution with an LED backlight display. These displays pair well with the VersaView 6300B box PCs detailed below. The panel monitors feature a 16 million-color LED backlight display, are offered in multiple sizes with aspect ratios from 8.4” to 24” and accommodate variations in standard and wide screen formats. They are available with analog resistive touch screens or can come in capacitive touch screens which feature multi-touch operation. They’re offered in a standard configuration with aluminum or stainless steel True Flat bezels, or a low-profile configuration with aluminum and aluminum glass bezels. The monitors also carry an IP66 environmental rating.

VersaView® 6300P Panel Computers

VersaView 6300 Panel PCThe 6300P panel computers are a door-mount design offered in both standard and low-profile configurations with the same bezel styles as the 6300M monitors. The computers feature 7th generation Core i3 and i7 Intel Kaby Lake H platform processors. To support your storage and speed needs, the 6300P is offered in multiple variations of mass storage and RAM. Screen sizes range from 12.1” to 24”. These powerful industrial computers use the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2019 operating system and have the same touchscreen options as the 6300M products. They’re ThinManager compatible by design, and carry an IP66 environmental rating.

VersaView® 6300B Box PC

VersaView 6300B Industrial computerThese powerful PCs are the smallest industrial computers Rockwell Automation has ever produced, which helps save valuable panel space and reduce costs. They come in both PC and thin client models, both built with the Apollo Lake x7-E3950 1.6 GHz processor. The 6300B can use either Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Linux as an operating system. They feature 256-GB solid-state hard drives and up to 8 GB of RAM. They’re harsh environment-ready, designed to perform in temperatures ranging from 0° – 50° C and protect against shock and vibration. Both models utilize DisplayPort for up to 4K high resolution monitors, and feature two ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 Type A ports.

What’s Next from Rockwell Automation and ASEM

About two-thirds of the planned VersaView 6300 family of products are now available, with the remaining products in the monitor, box PC, panel PC, and thin client categories expected to be released by the end of 2021. As a result of this new launch, Rockwell Automation has announced discontinuation dates for several existing products:

  • 6176 and 6186 Monitors: December 2021
  • 6181P Panel PC: Spring 2022
  • 6177R Box PC: Spring 2021

In addition to the introduction of the VersaView 6300 product line, the acquisition of ASEM has enabled Rockwell Automation to add a Center of Excellence for R&D and manufacturing in Italy. Going forward, the company plans to leverage the acquisition to offer greater customization and breadth to their industrial computers and expand remote connectivity options.

Is the VersaView® 6300 Line Right for You?

These new industrial computing solutions are revolutionizing plant floor technology. If you have an application intended for the plant floor or your company is starting your IIoT journey and looking for the right mix of solutions, the VersaView 6300 should be on your radar. Reach out to your Account Manager, or contact us to discuss your needs and determine if this latest innovation from Rockwell Automation is a good fit for you.

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